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March 11, 2011
Pedro Resources Completes Private Placement

February 03, 2011
Pedro Resources Announcements

Management & Board of Directors

John McCleery

Mr. McCleery is a private businessman who has been actively involved in raising in excess of 50 million dollars in capital for public companies in various stages of development, exploration and commercialization. For the last 25 years Mr. McCleery has been the catalyst for various start-up companies and has been involved in many private and public businesses to full implementation and commercialization. Mr. McCleery brings an extensive history of finance and financial markets having been the catalyst for launching numerous ventures and creating sustainable shareholder value.

As a founding director of Creston Moly Corp in 2000 (, Mr. McCleery grew the business to develop the largest molybdenum deposit in all of Mexico, and facilitated $40M+ financing to drive the business forward.

More recently Mr. McCleery participated in a multi-million dollar merger with Tenajon Resources, by headhunting and securing senior mining management who are capable of taking the Creston Moly project to the next level.

Mr. McCleery has served on many boards of both public and private companies in a number of capacities. He currently sits on the board of Creston Moly Corp and is involved in a number of other ventures, that are at varying stages of their development and commercialization, as either a founder, principal or advisor.

Allen V. Ambrose

Mr. Ambrose has 25 years of experience in the mining industry, including working with larger companies as well as junior exploration companies. He was the founder of now TSX-listed Minera Andes Inc. and served as President & CEO of the company from November 1994 to July 2009 having built the company to one with a market capitalization of over $280 million. He remains a director of Minera Andes. Mr. Ambrose has extensive experience in all phases of exploration, project evaluation and project management, and has worked as a geologic consultant in the U.S. and South America. He has been employed as the exploration manager for N.A. Degerstrom Inc., a U.S. contract mining company, from 1988 to January 2004. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Geology from Eastern Washington University and he is a licensed Registered Professional Geologist (State of Washington).

Lawrence Talbot

Mr. Lawrence Talbot is a mining lawyer with over 20 years experience in representing a wide range of clients in the mining industry, from individual prospectors and junior and mid-size explorers and producers through to major mining companies, in both the hard-rock and industrial mineral fields. Prior to July 1, 2006, he was a partner in one of Canada's largest law firms. He has extensive experience acting for public natural resource companies and providing advice on all aspects of their businesses, including mineral property transactions and financings, corporate finance, securities and regulatory matters, corporate governance and shareholder issues, and all aspects of corporate acquisitions, takeovers, divestitures and reorganizations.

Mr. Talbot has been a director of Cardero since 2003. He is also the Vice-President and General Counsel of both Wealth Minerals Ltd. and International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.

Wayne Johnstone, CA

Mr. Johnstone has more than 29 years financial and accounting experience, including 20 years experience with public and start-up companies. Mr. Johnstone has worked with both Canadian and U.S. public companies, whose operations have been in North America, South America and Asia.

Board of Advisors

Mackenzie ("Mac") Watson>

Mac Watson has over 50 years experience in the exploration, development, and mining industry in Canada, and has been involved in the discovery of numerous mineral deposits in Canada. He is currently Honorary Chairman of the Board of Quest Rare Minerals, which he created by a spinoff of uranium properties from Freewest Resources Canada Inc. in 2007. He was recently awarded the prospector of the year award in 2010, for his contribution, with others, to the mineral discoveries in the Ring Of Fire area of Northern Ontario. Prior to that Mr. Watson had been President of Freewest Resources Canada Inc. from 1994 until it was recently sold to Cliff Natural Resources.

Mac was awarded Canada's Prospector of the Year Award in 1991 for his participation in the discovery of the Harker Holloway gold mine (Ontario). Other discoveries he was associated with are, the Icon-Sullivan copper mine (Quebec), the Long Lake zinc mine (Ontario), the Ellison gold deposit (Quebec) and the Hebecourt copper deposit (Quebec). He was also awarded the Quebec Prospector of the Year for his participation in the discovery of the Pusticamica and Verneuil gold deposits in Quebec.

Rejean Gosselin

Rejean Gosselin graduated from Laval University in 1979 with an M.Sc. in Geology. He has worked as a consulting geologist on uranium, gold and base metals mining exploration projects in Canada, United States, and South America from 1979 to 1985. For the past 25 years, Rejean acted as founder and promoter of numerous junior mining companies exploring for different commodities in Canada, West Africa, and Mexico.

Rejean is responsible for gold, nickel-copper-PGE and zinc-copper discoveries in Canada and Mexico (Souart gold deposit, Abitibi, Delta Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, Ungava and Bolivar Zn-Cu mine in Mexico). Recent involvements include Dia Bras Exploration as President and CEO from 2003 to 2008 and most recently as Chairman of the Board of Maya Gold and Silver.